Artist Profiles

Peter Pontiac

Sad, 1976

Sad, 1976

Born 1951 in Beverwijk, Holland, as Peter J.G. Pollmann. Self-taught.Heavily influenced by American underground-comix, started out, in 1969, making covers for bootleg-songbooks & records of Dylan, Stones, Jefferson Airplane & the like, which led to joining the crew that made famed Dutch underground-comic ‘Tante Leny Presenteert!’ with Joost Swarte, the late Marc Smeets, Evert Geradts & others. In 1973 traveled to America with Fluxus-artist Willem de Ridder and met with Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton and Robert Williams, before roaming the States by myself for 7 months, with nothing in my pocket but a fake return-plane-ticket. Published, a.o., a book about punk-characters ‘Gaga & Gigi’ called ‘Requiem Fortissimo’, a series of 7 ‘Pontiac Reviews’ (compilations of comics and illustrations, dealing with, respectively ‘Hippie/Punk’, ‘Works With De Ridder’, ‘Sex’, ‘Drugs’, ‘Rock & Roll’, ‘Politics’ and ‘Autobiographix’0 and in 2000 published the’bio-graphic novel’ ‘Kraut’ about Pollmann senior, who collaborated with the Germans as a war-correspondent in Russia and Normandy, during the second World War, was incarcerated for 4 years because of that, and who went missing on the island of Curacao in 1978.Recent projects include a new ‘Little Golden Book’ for small children, for the first time both written and illustrated, after having done two other ones with a writer, and, when the application for a subsidy comes through, a graphic novel about Islam and what it means to the riddled Westerner. A short film with Dutch director Jan ‘Mr. Horror’ Doense, that I named ‘Mojo Mephisto’, is waiting to be made for Dutch TV. In 2005, rather than being filmed by a crew, I borrowed a camera and experimented with film and animation, in a way that aroused my curiosity and enthusiasm for the medium of cinema.I don’t know how to drive a car. My wife, after riding bikes and trains with me for the last 23 years, does, since last year. She drives a Daewoo Espero & I am the DJ on-board. A whole new era has begun. Highway-Land at last!’Pontiac’ to me, besides being a better name than my dreaded German one, points to one of the last Red Indian chiefs to put up resistance to the white squatters that invaded his land, rather than to a car; although, when in Curacao with a TV-crew to make a documentary about my vanished father, I did see a ‘52 Pontiac Chieftain for sale that mesmerized me a great deal. Had I been in possession of a driver’s license I probably would be cruising the Dutch blacktop right now!I still haven’t gotten around to having my own website yet. Working on it though. I only have a Mac-machine since a year and a half. I have a tendency to foolishly resist having the toys everyone is raving about. I do, put stuff on the net now and then at: car animation elements in the Carnivora book are my drawings for a video-clip I did (with colleague Roel Smit) for surf-punk band NRA’s song: ‘She’s Driving’ – a homage to Russ Meyer’s hard driving vixens. The animation-techniques used were primitive but the video came out rather nice.

Ciao!Dig you later!

Pater(as my name is pronounced over here)

Camilo Pardothe_flames_of_october.jpgFlames of October, 2007

Born in New York. Moved to Michigan at the age of ten. After graduatingfrom Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies in 1985, he was hired by FordMotor Company. His design assignments included working at thedesign studios in Italy, Germany, and Advanced Studios in Dearborn.He was assigned the re-design of the classic Ford GT40 racecar. Thisproject led to his responsibility as design chief of Ford’s SVT and LivingLegends Design Studio. After a day of automotive design for Ford, heexplores alternative design solutions in his Detroit studio where hecreates, among other forms of art, large, brightly colored oil paintings.His studio has been the scene of many openings and receptions.Cars: 2005 Ford GT (sunny days), 1967 Mustang fastback (sunny days,rainy days), 1982 Ferrari BBi (sunny days), 1972 Fiat 500 (parked in theliving room/studio space), a couple of skate boards and a 1977 Donzispeedboat (hot summer days).

Paul Rumseypaul_rumsey-sm.jpgCars, 2007

Born in 1956, lives in England. Works in monochrome using charcoalor ink, and draws a variety of subjects. His main influences areBruegel, Goya and the tradition of the grotesque in graphic art. Thefirst sketches for “Cars” were done in 1981, and he has returned to thistheme several times. The drawing was inspired by the experience ofcycling in London traffic. He does not drive.

Christopher Conteconte_66asm.jpgAston Martin Turbine, 2007

Born in Norway, grew up in New York. BA degree in Fine Art from PrattInstitute where, in addition to art, his studies included human anatomy.Entered the prosthetics field and began making artificial limbs foramputees. Combining an abiding love for sculpture, medical scienceand biomechanics enables him to apply his natural talents to helpingothers in less-fortunate situations. Sculpting, purely for the sake ofsculpture, remains his deepest passion. He drives a 1999 Saturn.

D. Hwanggs-02master2-sm2.jpgGS-02, 2007

Born in Seoul, South Korea, 1969. BFA degree in painting and sculpturefrom Parson’s School of Design, New York. Directed commercials,designed logos, and created 3-D animation for music videos and TV.His work has been exhibited at Pleiades Gallery and Tompkins SquareGallery in New York; in Seoul, his work has been exhibited at Sunjae ArtCenter and Hello Art Center. He was director of Matteblack, and is thecurrent director of the 2007 Garat Independent Art Group. The beautyand purity of machinery, combined with the human fear of it and thehuman longing for nature, is explored by the artist — who concludesthat machinery is a part of nature. He coined the term “IndustrialExpressionism.” He prefers to ride his motorcycle to get from here tothere.

Till Nowak tnowak-blowout_at_exit_16asm1.jpgBlowout at Exit 16A, 2007

Making of Blowout at Exit 16A

Born in Bonn, Germany, 1980. Studied media design at the Universityof Applied Sciences in Mainz. In 1999 he founded his studio, “frameboX,“and started freelancing as a graphic artist and animator. His digital workswere presented in exhibitions such as SIGGRAPH, ANNECY AnimationFestival, and Hollywood’s AFI FEST, and were part of Germany’s “NextGeneration 2006” which was presented at Cannes, MoMa in New York,and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. He received many internationalawards, mainly for his graduation film Delivery, which was screenedat more than 150 film festivals all over the world. He drives a 2002Nissan Primera P12. It’s more a family car than a typical artist’s car, buthe chose it because it is comfortable and reflects his sense of designwith its smoothly-flowing lines and futuristic interior. He likes big,comfortable and elegant cars — and not the fast speeders with theirtightness and sporty suspension.